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  • Overdoor Shoulder Pulley

    Overdoor Shoulder Pulley


    The CanDo® Overdoor Shoulder Pulley is used to increase shoulder range of motion. Deluxe exerciser has 2 pulleys and bracket for smooth and easy operation. Portable exerciser can be easily transported and fitted to most doors. Each pulley has a swivel hook for seamless pulley action and large foam handles for comfortable grip. Extra-long rope can…

  • Shoulder Finger Ladder

    Shoulder Finger Ladder


    The CanDo® Shoulder Finger Ladder is essential exercise tool that is professionally designed and widely used to improve mobility of arm at shoulder, elbow, wrist joints and finger. It offers great support for patients who had hand or shoulder injury/surgery and/or need to retain strength, regaining better mobility in their joints, wrist and finger. It…

  • DynaPro Shoulder Pulley
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    Shoulder Pulley


    The DynaPro Shoulder Pulley can help you exercise to rehabilitate your shoulder from bursitis, an injured rotator cuff or other causes of shoulder pain.

  • Shoulder Pulley with Exercise Tubing and Handles


    The CanDo® Shoulder Pulley with Exercise Tubing and Handles helps increase the range-of-motion (ROM) of shoulder. It can be used for prevention and rehabilitation of shoulder injuries. Mount the set to the doorway. The set includes tubing, handles, swivel-pulley, and a door anchor for easy mounting on top of door or in door jamb.

  • Shoulder Wheel

    Shoulder Wheel


    The CanDo® Shoulder Wheel range-of-motion arc is a ideal exerciser to strengthen shoulder with resistance and improve range-of-motion. The shoulder wheel offers easy and safe use in any therapeutic clinics with therapist’s supervision and great help for better shoulder mobility. It can be wall-mounted and the wheel can be adjusted from 10″ to 39″ by…