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  • Adult Non Rebreather mask with One Valve
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    Adult Non Rebreather Mask w/Side Valve


    This adult non rebreather mask with single side valve is designed to help deliver oxygen to patients in emergency situations such as after smoke inhalation or carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • Briefcase first aid kit

    Briefcase First Aid Kit


    This briefcase sized first aid kit holds all the items you may need for treating small and large wounds, cuts, burns,scrapes and even insect bites or stings.

  • Mueller Sports Medicine Cotton Nasal Plugs
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    Cotton Nasal Plugs


    Mueller Sports Medicine Cotton Nasal Plugs control common nosebleeds occurring within an inch of the tip of the nose. More than 90% of nosebleeds occur in this area.

  • Alliance Cotton Tipped Applicators
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    Cotton Tipped Applicators


    Alliance Cotton Tipped Applicators are each equipped with a tightly wound cotton bud. They are non sterile and designed for smooth topical applications but can also be used in other ways. These applicators are ideal if you need to apply salves and ointments to wounds or hard-to-reach spots. Single-patient use only. An essential component of…

  • Cotton tipped applicators from Medpro

    Cotton Tipped Applicators w/ Wnd Measure Tool


    These cotton tipped applicators are made by MedPro and consist of a wooden applicator stick with a firmly wound cotton bud fixed to the end

  • Safecross cpr face mask

    CPR Face Mask


    The CPR Face Mask is designed to function as a physical barrier that will prevent breath and bodily fluids from a patient reaching and possibly harming a caregiver.

  • Dexidin 2 Solution
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    Dexidin 2 Solution


    Dexidin comes in a 125 ml spray bottle and is an antiseptic for cleaning the skin or disinfecting skin wounds.

  • Bare Medical Disposable Penlight with Pupil Gauge
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    Disposable Penlight with Pupil Gauge


    The Bare Medical Disposable Penlight with Pupil Gauge is a pocket sized penlight. It is equipped with a concentric beam with high intensity focus. You operate the penlight by pressing the  metal side pocket clip. You can use this penlight to examine a patient’s pupil response or to check areas of his or her throat…

  • EPI Pen Filled By Luer Jet

    Epinephrine Injection


    This epi pen contains 10 ml of solution used for subcutaneous or intramuscular injections in order to treat allergic reactions that may occur due to insect bites or stings or from outher sources.

  • Eye Wash

    Eye Wash


    Our eye wash solution can be used to remove foreign substances (like smog or pollen) and also helps to combat possible exposure to acidic or alkaline materials.

  • Emergency airways (or guedel airways)
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    Guedel Emergency Airway Kit


    Almedic’s guedel emergency airway kits are for use on an unconscious patient to help him or her maintain an airway.

  • RW Consumer Products Hydrogen Peroxide
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    Hydrogen Peroxide


    Use RW Consumer Products Hydrogen Peroxide to disinfect and clean wounds, abrasions and cuts. Composition is 3% w/v Hydrogen Peroxide. Available in either a 225 mL or 500 mL bottle.  

  • DJO Padded Baseball Splints
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    Padded Baseball Splints


    DJO Padded Baseball Splints will help to stabilize and immobilize your phalangeal joints. They are foam padded for your additional comfort. 12 splints per pack. Sold by the pack. They are available in 3 sizes – small, medium and large. The size specifications are shown below: Length Small:               …

  • DJO Padded Frog Splints
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    Padded Frog Splints


    DJO Padded Frog Splints will help to maintain the phalangeal joints in their correct positions without needing bulky dressings. Foam padded. 12 splits per pack. Splints are available in sizes small, medium and large. Size specifications  of the splints are as follows: Length                        Width…

  • DJO Plastic Finger Splints
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    Plastic Finger Splints


    DJO Plastic Finger Splints will help repair your ruptured tendons. The splints are light weight and come in skin tone or clear colors.  They are great for nail bed or fingertip injuries. Also useful for treating mallet finger injuries. 12 Per Pack.  Specifications of the splints are as follows: Size           …

  • Johnson & Johnson Polysporin Triple Antibiotic Ointment
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    Polysporin Triple Antibiotic Ointment


    Apply Johnson & Johnson Polysporin Triple Antibiotic Ointment to minor wounds, scrapes and cuts to accelerate healing and control the risk of infection.

  • S301 Single Traction Splint

    S301 Single Traction Splint


    The S301 Single Traction Splint uses dynamically determined “straight in line” traction force to treat single leg proximal third and mid shaft fractures.

  • Baxter Saline Solution
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    Saline Solution


    Baxter Saline Solution – is used for irrigation of wounds,  body cavities, tissues or bladders. Also useful for cleaning skin abrasions. One bottle of normal saline – contents are 0.9% sodium choride. 9 grams of NaCl dissolved in water for a total volume of 1000 ml.

  • SAM Splint
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    SAM Splint


    The SAM Splint is a compact, versatile and lightweight device that can be used to stabilize soft tissue injuries or bone fractures. It is also widely used by ambulances and other emergency aid providers.

  • Sea-Clens Wound Cleanser
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    Sea-Clens Wound Cleanser


    Sea-Clens Wound Cleanser softens necrotic tissue to facilitate removal & maintains a moist wound environment using a nontoxic surfactant in a nontoxic nonirritating formula

  • McArthur Medical Sales SpeedSplint
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    McArthur Medical Sales SpeedSplint is an excellent choice if you need to temporarily immobilize injured bones.

  • Splinter Out
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    Splinter Out (10/Pk)


    Splinter Out removers are sterile and are designed for safe, quick and effective splinter removal.

  • Athlete wearing Mueller Sports Medicine Sterile Nasal Sponges
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    Sterile Nasal Sponges


    Mueller Sports Medicine Sterile Nasal Sponges will expand and hydrate when they come into contact with blood. The result is increased absorbency to soak up nosebleeds. By expanding, they also apply pressure that will help to stop the bleeding. Individually wrapped fiber free sponges. Price shown is for a jar of 25 sponges.

  • Alliance Tongue Depressors

    Tongue Depressors


    Use Alliance Tongue Depressors to depress your tongue and allow examination of your mouth and throat. Available in both sterile & non-sterile forms. 6″ long. 100/Box. Single use only.

  • Triangular Bandage
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    Triangular Bandage


    This is a 100% cotton triangular bandage measuring 40″ x 40″ x 56″. It comes with two safety pins to ensure secure attachment. You can buy these bandages individually.  They should form a part of every complete first aid kit. Triangular Bandage – Suggested Uses Use as an arm sling to protect an injured shoulder;…

  • Sam XT Tourniquet

    XT Tourniquet


    The SAM XT Tourniquet uses innovative TRUEFLEX™ technology and hook & loop closure to provide a secure lock.