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Protective face shield sales in Canada have grown rapidly over the past year as awareness of their protective advantages has grown. Unlike N95/KN96 respirators and medical masks,  protective face shields protect the eyes, mouth and face. In Canada, these shields have become an indispensable part of PPE supplies.

If you are claustrophobic, you will also enjoy the fact that a protective fce shield does not press against your skin  as do the(K)N95 respirators and medical masks. If you are wearing makeup, you will also enjoy the fact that the shield will not interfere with it.

In addition to your vision, protective face shields will not interfere with your speech. You will remain easily understandable to those around you. In some work situations, this may also even be a critical safety issue.

You can reuse your face shield as many times as you like. You can easily clean it using soap and water and, once dry, it will be ready for re-use. This is in contrast with (K)N95 respirators and medical masks which have limited reusability and cannot be washed..

You may work in a job in which unimpeded 360 degree vision is critical (and may even be a safety issue). Many individuals find that wearing medical masks causes their spectacles to cloud and mist up. However, protective face shields come with anti fog properties that eliminate this issue. They also have anti glare treatments that further improve your vision.

Our protective face shields are among the most feature rich and competitively priced available in Canada. Please see below for details.

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