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  • DynaPro Adhesive Non-Woven Fabric
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    Adhesive Non-Woven Fabric – 10M Roll


    Use DynaPro Adhesive Non-Woven Fabric to secure your primary wound bandages and dressings. Its hypoallergenic material and latex free adhesive will ensure that you will enjoy the security it provides with no concerns about skin irritations or other medical reactions.

  • Darco APB™ All Purpose Boot
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    APB All Purpose Boot


    The Darco All Purpose Boot embodies nearly perfect four season postoperative protection with a closed-toe design that keeps dressings and toes warm and dry. This boot is designed to provide unparalleled versatility by accommodating both bulky dressings and most fiberglass casts.

  • Darco Body Armor® Cast Shoe
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    Body Armor Cast Shoe


    The  Darco Body Armor® Cast Shoe is designed to shield the cast from everyday wear and tear, moisture and shock.  It sports a fresh, contemporary design  and is effective with all types of casting materials and bulky bandages.

  • Conforming Stretch Gauze
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    Conform Stretch Gauze Bandage, 1 Dozen


    Use conforming stretch gauze when you need a highly flexible bandage  for binding large wounds or wounds in highly contoured body areas.

  • BSN Cover-Roll® Stretch
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    Cover-Roll Stretch


    BSN Cover-Roll® Stretch provides superb conformability to highly contoured body areas such as elbows or knees and is an excellent choice for securing primary wound dressings.

  • Curity Abdominal Pads
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    Curity Abdominal Pads


    Curity Abdominal Pads have all edges sealed to eliminate the possibility of lint residue and leaking and are designed to keep foreign matter and wound exudate away from the wound in order to reduce infection risk.

  • Curity Wound Closure Strips

    Curity Adhesive Wound Closure Strips


    Use Curity Wound Closure Strips for treatment of superficial wounds. You can apply them over lacerations  in a manner that pulls together the edges of the wound and helps to speed healing. This approach applies less tension to the wound  than suturing, but also carries less risk of infection or scarring. You will also find…

  • Covidien Curity Eye Pads

    Curity Eye Pads


    Curity Eye Pads can be used after an eye injury or surgery as a bandage over the eye for protection or absorption of secretions.

  • Curity Fabric Bandages
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    Curity Fabric Bandages


    Curity Fabric Bandages are highly flexible, conforming, breathable and latex free bandages specifically designed for fingers, elbows, toes and other highly contoured areas of the body.

  • Dermacea Gauze Sponges
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    Dermacea Gauze Sponges


    Demacea Gauze Sponges are useful for wound care, cleaning and preparation work and are sufficiently user friendly for use both in hospital or home settings.

  • Excilon drain sponges

    Excilon Drain Sponges


    Excilon drain sponges are a great choice when you need to reduce the risk of wound infections and decrease the frequency of required dressing changes.

  • Medline eye pads
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    Eye Pads


    This is a listing for Medline eye pads. They are low linting and highly absorbent, making them an excellent choice for treating wounds around the eye. They are also latex free and sterile. The pads are single use only nd are sold and priced per box of 50 pads Medline Eye Pads – Instructions When…

  • GluStitch
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    Use GluStitch  if you are treating superficial skin wounds and your goal is to close them with minimal loss of tissue. GluStitchIt employs octyl and butyl cyanoacrylate adhesives with about one-fifth of the holding power of sutures. It will also form a microbial barrier to reduce the risk of invasion of foreign matter and consequent…

  • Darco HeelWedge
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    The Darco HeelWedge™ will help to off-load pressure from your heel area by shifting pressure to the mid/forefoot areas. This speeds wound recovery after surgery or trauma or after suffering ulcerations or  heel wounds. The Darco HeelWedge™ “off load” pressure on your feet by transferring pressure from your heel to your mid and forefoot areas. This will promote healing and protect wounds you may receive after surgery or trauma. The HeelWedge is also effective if you have ulcerations and wounds in your heel area. It has been proven to be effective in clinical and other settings. The HeelWedge helps to reduce friction and pressure on your heel area without interfering with your normal ambulatory and other activities. Once friction and pressure have been mitigated, your wounds, injuries and ulcerations can continue to heal without interruption. This is especially relevant to individuals with diabetes. They face a constant threat from ulcerations and wounds, and the Darco Heelwedge™ offers a viable answer to these problems. The same is true of anyone who have suffered a heel injury or had surgery in that area.

  • BSN HypaFix
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    HypaFix Wound Dressing


    BSN HypaFix offers both small and wide area fixation of primary dressings on surgical or wound sites with superb protection from infection, contamination and foreign matter. It is also a great choice for fixation of instruments, probes, catheters or similar instruments and conforms well to highly contoured areas such as the knee or elbow.

  • Darco MedSurg™
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    The Darco MedSurg™ shoe is the most versatile postoperative shoe on the market today. EVA insole features twice the padding of standard insoles and can be modified as needed.

  • Darco MedSurg DUO™
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    MedSurg DUO


    The Darco MedSurg DUO™ features dual EVA densities that provide up to 40% more plantar pressure reduction than the average post operative footwear for greater patient comfort and faster healing.

  • Micropore Tape
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    Micropore Tape


    3M Micropore tape is gentle, hypoallergenic and latex free and adheres even to highly contoured areas like elbows or knees

  • Non adherent pads, sterile

    Non Adherent Pads, Sterile


    Non adherent pads made from polyester and rayon to protect and cushion your wound with optimal fluid drainage.

  • Darco Open Toe Cast Boot
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    Open Toe Cast Boot


    The Darco Open Toe Cast Boot boasts a heavy duty canvas upper section and a multi layer EVA sole to protect a wide range of casts and heavy compression bandages.

  • Darco Orthowedge
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    The Darco OrthoWedge™ reduces weight bearing pressure on your forefoot  region to promote faster healing from wounds or diabetic ulcerations.  It will help to reduce forefoot pressure while you are walking or standing. It will promote healing of your metatarsal area (the region just behind your toes) after you have undergone surgery or experienced foot trauma. It will also assist recovery from diabetic ulcerations or forefoot wounds. The Orthowedge is equipped with a 15º wedge sole that  shifts as much as 57% of body weight away from your forefoot region.

  • Darco PegAssist™
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    PegAssist Offloading Insole


    The PQ Series Darco PegAssist™ insole is a versatile peg insole for the HeelWedge™, OrthoWedge® and APB™ wound care shoes. Its removable pegs permit localized relief of pressure and its stabilizer board supports the pegs and keeps them from collapsing. The PTQ Series Darco PegAssist™insole is a similar product that goes with the Square-Toe MedSurg™ Shoe.

  • Premium Woven gauze sponges

    Premium Woven Gauze Sponges


    These premium woven gauze sponges are ideally suited for general wound care.

  • 3M Steri-Strips
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    3M Steri-Strips are sterile wound closure dressings the primary use of which is closure of superficial (as opposed to deep) incisions. These sterile dressings can be applied to superficial lacerations in such a way as to pull together the skin on either side of your wound. This promotes faster healing of the wound. The tension…

  • 3M TegaDerm
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    3M TegaDerm is used to cover catheter sites and wounds. The dressing is transparent and breathable. It will conform to your skin, even when you use it on highly contoured areas like your fingers or toes. You can apply the dressing yourself, making it suitable for use at or away from home.  You will continue…

  • Telfa Adhesive Island Dressing
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    Telfa Adhesive Island Dressing


    Telfa Adhesive Island Dressing is a versatile and user friendly dressing that features a highly absorbent cotton core enclosed by a perforated non adherent film. It preserves the ideal balance between preserving a moist wound environment and removal of wound exudate and is ideal for lightly draining wounds.

  • Telfa Non Adherent Dressing
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    Telfa Non Adherent Dressing


    Telfa Non Adherent Dressing is a great solution for the treatment of lightly draining wounds or for coverage of dry wounds  for protection of the skin during healing.

  • 3M Transpore Medical Tape
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    3M Transpore is a medical tape made from plastic and with strong adhesive properties.It is also transparent, hypoallergenic, breathable and perforated to make it easily tearable. It is also designed to be easy to use with gloves. Transpore is a strong, reliable tape that is ideally suited for securing tubings and thicker dressings in place. …

  • Darco WCS™ Wound Care Shoe System
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    Wound Care Shoe System, Pair


    The Darco WCS™ Wound Care Shoe System features four multi density insoles that are modified to remove pressure from the plantar region of the foot.


  • WoundSeal Single Use + Applicator x 2
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    Woundseal powder is the perfect accessory for your first aid kit.