Calf/Thigh Compression Sleeve

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McDavid Calf Compression Sleeves / Pair

Calf & thigh compression sleeves apply compression to the lower legs to improve blood circulation to those areas. They are useful for treating sprains, strains and other soft tissue injuries. In addition, they provide a number of other injury prevention and sports performance benefits.

For geater wearing comfort during round the clock use, some sports compression wear products are made from “breathable” materials.

These materials allow heat to migrate through the material to the outside. As a result, there will be no heat build up inside the sleeve.

Furthermore, the materials have a “moisture wicking” capability. Your perspiration can evaporate through the sleeve leaving you cool, comfortable and dry underneath.

Another property that you will find in the best calf and thigh compression sleeves is hypoallergenicity. Consequently, those with sensitive skin or a history of adverse medical reactions to substances like latex can nevertheless wear these sleeves. They will not be at risk of experiencing such a reaction.

We describe the benefits of these sleeves in greater detail below.


As mentioned, these sleeves apply compression to the lower limbs. This improves blood flow to those areas. If you have suffered a strain or sprain, it will receive an improved supply of fresh blood with its accompanying nutrients. The improved circulation will in turn help to speed recovery from those injuries.

Compression will also help reduce any swelling that may be present as a result of a soft tissue injury.

Calf Compression sleeves in particular are useful for bringing pain relief to those suffering from shin splints. This is a painful condition that can affect the lower legs of physically active individuals.

Graduated Compression Technology

This is another beneficial property to be found in some calf or thigh compression sleeves. A graduated compression sleeve will not apply uniform compression throughout its length. Instead, the compression level will be at its maximum near the bottom of the sleeve and decrease gradually along the length. The lowest compression level will be applied near the top.

This forces the blood in the lower legs up along the leg to the highest point of the sleeve. This in turn is helpful to those suffering from disorders such as varicose veins or deep vein thrombosis. Instead of pooling near the bottom of the legs, the blood will be forced upwards to the heart.

Graduated compression lower and upper leg sleeves can be purchased with several alternative compression levels. For example, a sleeve may apply 20-30mmHg of compression. This means that it will apply 30mmHg near the bottom and 20mmHg near the top. This particular compression level is normally referred to as “medical grade” compression.

Graduated compression sleeves are normally sold as compression socks and stockings. They can however be regarded as a sub – category of calf and thigh compression sleeves.

Reduced Muscle Vibrations

Another benefit of calf and thigh compression sleeves is the reduction in lower leg muscle vibration during strenuous activity. The main benefit of this reduced vibration is a reduction in the risk of muscle strains.


Calf and thigh compression sleeves made from material like neoprene can also retain body heat. This helps to ensure that the lower leg muscles are warm and supple, making them less vulnerable to overstretching or tearing.

As a result of this enhanced suppleness, the lower leg muscles are less likely to be damaged. They will be able to accommodate  a sudden lunge, jump or taking off on a sprint with less injury risk.

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

This is a condition that affects athletes roughly 24-48 hours after a period of strenuous activity.

There is no known cure for delayed onset muscle soreness. However, the compression from calf and thigh sleeves helps to improve blood circulation. This in turn helps to reduce muscle soreness and speed recovery from tough workouts or training sessions.


Proprioception refers to the body’s ability to instinctively sense the relative positions of its limbs. It also refers to its ability to avoid limb positions that may cause injury.

Calf and thigh compression sleeves help to improve the body’s sense of proprioception, thus reducing the risk of injury.

Proprioception also helps the body to instinctively arrange its limbs so that it can perform an action most efficiently.

Consequently, by improving proprioception, compression sleeves help the athlete to perform even complex sports movements more efficiently. This in turn improves sports technique and performance.

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