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  • Analog EMS Unit - Model 550
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    Analog EMS Unit – Model 550


    The BodyMed Model 550 analog ems unit is a great choice for rehabilitating atrophied or damaged muscles as well as for strength conditioning. Key features include a hard plastic carrying case for damage protection, dual controllable output channels, 3 possible treatment modes and a versatile timer.

  • Cefar Rehab X2

    Cefar Rehab X2


    The Cefar Rehab X2 offers both TENS pain relief and NMES rehab therapies in a single unit and is indicated for several conditions including lower back pain, arthritis, muscle spasms and more.

  • Intelect IFC

    Intelect IFC


    The Intelect IFC (interferential current) unit will help to relieve the symptoms of acute trauma or surgery as well as the pain of these conditions.

  • Intelect NMES

    Intelect NMES


    The Intelect NMES units will help to prevent muscular disuse atrophy, re-educate muscles that have deteriorated due to such atrophy, increase your range of motion and improve blood circulation.

  • Chattanooga Rehab Stimulator

    Rehab 4 Channel Stimulator


    The Chattanooga Rehab stimulator uses 4 output channels together with a host of innovative features  and provides a way to combine TENS and NMES therapies in a single versatile unit.

  • Compex SP8.0 IFC

    SP8.0 IFC


    The Compex SP8.0 IFC unit boasts cutting edge muscle stimulation features for serious athletes who are determined to get the most out of every workout and then to recover quickly in time for the next training session.