Stirrup Ankle Brace

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Stirrup ankle braces generally consist of two cushioned pads, one positioned on each side of your ankle. In some models, the pads may be inflated to cushion and support your ankle during the healing process.

This type of ankle brace provides strong support for ankle ligaments and are an especially popular treatment option for sprained ankles (including severe sprains). They will support the ankle and prevent too much inversion or eversion movement during the rehabilitation process. Together with Rest, Ice and Elevation of your ankle above heart level, a stirrup ankle brace is a potent tool that will help your ankle to heal rapidly.

In addition to ankle sprains, stirrup ankle braces are also effective for treating ankle tendonitis, including both peroneal and posterior tibial tendonitis.

Although they have the strengths mentioned above, most athletes do not use stirrup ankle braces during training or competition. They are somewhat too restrictive for this purpose.  If you are looking for a brace to wear during running or jumping activity to prevent ankle sprains, they are not the best choice.  Furthermore, if you need an ankle brace to counter minor ankle sprains or instability, you may be better off looking at braces with straps or laces as solutions.

You can also make this type of brace at home and use it as an ankle splint to rehabilitate a sprain or other soft tissue injury.

In addition, to wearing your ankle brace with stirrups, you should consult with a physiotherapist to begin a program of exercises to strengthen  and fully rehabilitate your ankle as soon as it’s appropriate to do so.

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