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A back brace belt is a type of lower back brace that provides support to the lumbar region of your spine. It is popular in occupations that require plenty of lifting activity. Workers in jobs like baggage handling and household moving are frequently required to lift heavy loads. As a result, back belt use is widespread in these jobs.

The use of this type of back brace is intended to reduce the forces on your spine while lifting, and to increase intra abdominal pressure. The intention is also to stabilize the spine. However, even when wearing a back belt, workers should be careful to continue following proper lifting technique. You should always keep your spine as straight as possible and bend the legs while lifting. Using a back belt is not a substitute for following correct technique.

Most of the best back brace belts on the market allow you to adjust them for the most comfortable wearing experience. This is important as no matter how well designed your brace, it will not be effective if it is so uncomfortable that you find yourself removing it whenever possible.

Some of the best back belts also include an adjustable lumbar pad that provides additional lower back compression. The Bio Back Skin with Lumbar Pad is an example of such a brace. The pad helps to stabilize your back. It helps to prevent excessive movement of your spine and back muscles, which reduces pressure on your vertebral discs. As a result, your risk of developing herniated discs will be lower.

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