Maternity Belt

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A maternity belt can provide much needed support to the hips and sacroiliac joints during pregnancy and reduce much of the pain of childbearing.

Many women (more than 50%) report feeling pain in the lower back and pelvic girdle during pregnancy. A maternity belt can provide the extra support they need to make it through childbearing while keeping the pain away. A well chosen belt can make all the difference between a difficult pregnancy and a comfortable one.

You can start wearing and benefiting from a maternity belt from your first trimester – as soon as you start feeling the aches and pains that are part of pregnancy and childbearing.

Some patients who are about to start wearing a maternity belt wonder whether it can hurt the baby. The belts are usually designed to be safe to wear and not hurt the baby. However, it may not be wide to wear the belt for too long as some belts may interfere with the flow of blood to your abdomen. In some cases, this may also cause pain and heartburn. We would suggest that you consult with your doctor and get his/her feedback on whether the belt you are considering can cause harm to your baby.

As with many braces and supports, we advise care in choosing the correct size of belt. If your belt is too tight, it may harm the unborn child and restrict its development. Please read the sizing directions and sizing chart that comes with each maternity support belt and follow them closely.

Our selection of belts is shown below.

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