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  • It's You Babe Best Cradle
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    Best Cradle


    The It’s You Babe Best Cradle maternity support is ideal for the mom having twins, triplets or quads and for the mom needing support early in pregnancy. Also an effective support for non-pregnant patients who have a pendulous abdomen. Open abdominal design is cool and comfortable.

  • It's You Babe Hip Brace
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    Hip Brace


    The It’s You Babe Hip Brace compresses the pelvic cradle and sacroiliac (or SI Joints).  It is also effective in reducing pain and swelling that may appear while recovering after a hysterectomy.

  • Hip Brace/V2 Supporter Combo
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    Hip Brace/V2 Supporter Combo


    The It’s You Babe Hip Brace/V2 Supporter Combo will help reduce pain in your pelvic girdle area and relax your hip joint by applying gentle compression to your problem areas and variable compression to your vaginal area. Available sizes are X-Small (Petit), Small, Medium & Large.


  • It's You Babe Mini Cradle
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    Mini Cradle


    The It’s You Babe Mini Cradle is a premium maternity belt to complement every expectant mom’s collection of maternity wear. It perfectly complements maternity fashions and discretely fits under most maternity clothes. The Mini Cradle is wearable throughout pregnancy and helps provide continuous pain relief.

  • PreNatal Cradle Plus
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    Prenatal Cradle Plus


    The Prenatal Cradle Plus from It’s You Babe will fully support your torso, back and tummy. In addition, it will mitigate the symptoms of Pubic Swelling, Vulvar Varicosities and that feeling that “everything is going to fall out the bottom”. Available in sizes, Small, Medium & Large. Please use the size chart under the sizing…

  • It's You Babe V2 Supporter
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    V2 Supporter


    Discreet and effective, the It’s You Babe V2 Supporter provides clinically proven compression therapy for relief from painful vulvar varicosities, pubic swelling or the feeling that “everything is going to fall out the bottom”.  A breathable, adjustable compression bridge has two adjustable straps on the back which allow you to easily find a comfortable amount of compression. Wear before rising in the morning to help prevent excessive swelling of the vulvar veins. Made in the USA.