Wrist Support

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A wrist support brace provides mild to moderate support to your wrist ligaments and tendons without excessively restricting your wrist range of motion. You can use it while performing tasks at home or work and it will help to reduce the risk of a wrist soft tissue injury due to excessive stress on your wrist ligaments, muscles and tendons. This will be especially valuable if you have chronically weak or unstable wrists as these conditions can increase the risk of a more serious injury.

A wrist support can also be of value if you have suffered a past wrist sprain or strain and are concerned about the risk of re-injury. It will support vulnerable muscles, tendons and ligaments and reduce the load on them, thereby reducing the risk that they may become overstretched or torn.

Unlike a wrist splint, this type of brace is meant to be worn as much as possible and provides most of its benefits when you are actively using your hands. By contrast, a wrist splint is most beneficial, and should be used mainly, during periods of sleep.

Wrist supports made from neoprene can also provide another benefit in the form of body heat retention. This heat is used to keep your wrist joint warm, therefore reducing stiffness. A more flexible wrist reduces injury risk. In addition, warmer ligaments, tendons and muscles are more supple and less likely to be overstretched or torn. This too helps reduce the risk of soft tissue injuries like wrist sprains.

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