Cohesive Athletic Tape

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DynaPro SelfWrap Cohesive Athletic Tape

The key distinguishing feature of cohesive athletic tape is that it will stick only to itself. It will not adhere to other objects such as other types of tape or to skin or hair.

This, together with its stretchable construction means that cohesive tapes offer advantages over zinc oxide tape or K Tape.

Just as with zinc oxide tape, you can buy cohesive athletic tape either with or without latex. The latex free variety is obviously more attractive to those with allergic sensitivities to latex or who just have sensitive skin.

Cohesive tapes are sometimes referred to as cohesive bandages.

Cohesive Athletic Tape Designs On The Market

Cohesive tape has a wrinkled corrugated appearance on its surface. The wrinkles are part of the tape’s design. They help it to adhere to other pieces of cohesive tape in a manner somewhat similar to Velcro.

The fabric of the tape itself may be a woven cotton mix that is primarily used in sport tapes. Alternatively, a light non woven material is usually preferred in other settings. The tapes sold on this site are primarily of the first type. They are designed to apply both support and compression in order to treat sports injuries.

The light non woven fabrics are more popular in the veterinary market. These types of tapes are also used by athletes to keep shin guards in place. They also use them to prevent their socks from falling down.

Advantages Of Cohesive Athletic Tape

Cohesive tape has a number of advantages over the more traditional adhesive tapes such as zinc oxide tape. We will list these briefly below:

Cohesive Athletic Tape Sticks Only To Itself

This, in addition to being its main distinguishing feature, is also one of its key advantages. Removal of adhesive tape can sometimes be a painful or unpleasant process as that tape sticks to the skin. During removal, there is therefore potential for damaging the skin or hair of the athletes. This will obviously also cause some pain or discomfort.

Cohesive tape sticks only to itself and not to skin or hair. So its removal does not present any of these issues.

This is a particularly relevant issue when it comes to pets or other animals. Just as with humans, animals can suffer joint injuries like sprains or strains. These injuries are usually treated in the same way as with humans, i.e. by taping the joint for support or compression.

Removing adhesive tape from a furry animal like a cat or dog will usually cause distress. This is a result of the damage to the animal’s skin or fur. However, cohesive tapes do not present these issues. They can be removed without any distress to the animal.

As a result, cohesive bandages have become popular in the veterinary market.

Cohesive Tape Is Reusable

Adhesive tape depends on the operation of a chemical adhesive. As such, its adhesiveness wears out over time and these tapes cannot be reused.

With cohesive tapes there is no dependence on a chemical adhesive. As a result, the tape can be removed and reapplied with no loss of performance. This makes it easier for them to be used by someone who is less experienced in their application. If a mistake is made, you can simply remove the tape and re-apply it to correct the error.

Cohesive Athletic Tape Can Offer Both Support & Compression

Because cohesive tape is usually stretchy, you can use it to apply compression to an injury as well as support.

Furthermore, you can independently vary the amount of support and compression you apply to the injury. To apply more compression, you only need to wrap the tape more tightly around the injured area. Its elastic construction will then apply the additional compression.

The compressive capability makes cohesive tape suitable for quickly staunching a heavily bleeding wound. This would be a temporary measure until it can be properly treated in a hospital or clinic.

For additional support, you can wrap additional layers of tape around the injury without making the layers tighter.

Cohesive Tape Is Hand Tearable

Cohesive tape is easily tearable by hand. As a result, a trainer can apply it on the field for emergency treatment with no special equipment being needed.

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