Elastic Adhesive Tape

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DynaPro StretchLight Elastic Adhesive Tape

Elastic adhesive tape is a category of athletic tape that is highly stretchable. As a result, it is alternatively referred to as stretch tape. This tape is made from twisted cotton and has an adhesive backing. Unlike a cohesive bandage, it will stick to other objects such as the skin or to pre wrap.

Stretch trape is usually available in both lightweight and heavyweight versions.  The heavyweight version is thicker than the lightweight. It also provides more tensile strength and support once in position. Some heavyweight designs require the use of taping scissors to remove the tape from the roll before application.

Both the heavyweight and lightweight versions of elastic adhesive tape offer greater conformability than non elastic tapes (or zinc oxide tape). As a result, it is more suitable for application to highly contoured areas of the body, especially when you are not necessarily seeking the highest level of support.

Elastic Adhesive Tape Dimensions

Both the heavyweight and lightweight designs of adhesive tape can be obtained in widths of 1”, 2”, 3” and 4’. Each roll is commonly of length 5 yards.

The wider rolls of tape are appropriate for application to larger body parts such as the shoulder or knee of an adult. Narrower rolls can be used to apply support to smaller areas such as the ankle or wrist. They can also be used on children’s limbs.

In general, narrower rolls of tape can be used to provide support and compression to precise areas of the body. They can be applied for this purpose without a need to cut the tape first (as would be required if a wider roll were used for the same purpose).

Other things being equal, a narrower roll is preferable for use on a small body part or to apply support to a small area of a large body part. They can do this with less waste of tape (since cutting the tape before use is not necessary).

Latex Free Elastic Adhesive Tape

You can also purchase these tapes in latex free form. Latex free tapes are obviously more attractive to individuals who have latex allergies or generally sensitive skin.

How To Identify High Quality Elastic Adhesive Tape

As with other types of adhesive tape, a high quality elastic adhesive tape can be identified by the number of vertical and longitudinal cotton fibers per square inch.

Higher quality rolls will generally have 85 or more longitudinal fibers and 65 or more vertical fibers per square inch.

Another important determinant of tape quality is the amount and quality of adhesive backing. This is so as these tapes have to remain in place on the athlete’s body despite perspiration and adverse weather conditions.

In addition, the tape may be worn by the athlete during the course of a game or training session. If so, its adhesive will need to be capable of withstanding the powerful joint and muscle movements of sports activity. It must also withstand the collisions, tackles  and other adverse incidents that are common in contact sports.

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