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K Tape, or kinesiology tape, is now an accepted mode of treatment for many sports and other injuries, including overuse and other soft tissue injuries. Originally invented in the 1970s by a Japanese chiropractor, it is now use in physiotherapist and sport medicine practices all over the world. Spectators of any professional or international sporting event are likely to encounter athletes using this tape to minimize injury risk, enhance proprioception or possibly to manage a pre existing injury.

K Tape works in conjunction with the natural movements of your joints and muscles to lift the skin over the underlying tissues in your injured areas. This permits improved blood flow to these areas and also accelerates the removal of waste materials that would otherwise cause pain and inflammation.

Another important benefit of k tape is the way it works to enhance proprioception. Although this appears to be a forbidding term, it simply refers to the body’s innate ability to recognize its own spatial position. It also refers to the ability to recognize  the position of various body parts relative to each other. More specifically, improved proprioception helps the body to recognize when the relative positions of these parts poses an injury risk. The body is then able to avoid these situations. This leads directly to less injury risk for the athlete.

Although you need specialized training to get 100% of the benefits of k tape, it is still possible for a “layman” to benefit tremendously from its use. You can follow the information on pages like this one and receive most of the advantages that k tape offers.

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