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  • Oppo Medical Achilles Protection Pad

    Achilles Protection Pad


    The Oppo Medical Achilles Protection Pad reduces pain caused by friction between footwear and the back of the heel and Achilles tendon.

  • Darco Body Armor Night Splint
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    Body Armor Night Splint


    The Darco Body Armor Night Splint is the only night splint that actively engages the windlass mechanism of the foot, resulting in a specific and sustained stretch to the plantar fascia, and a sustained low load stretch to the flexor tendons, Achilles tendon and calf muscles. The traction strap allows for minimal ambulation.

  • Bio Skin Night Splint
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    Night Splint For Plantar Fasciitis Relief


    The Bio Skin Night Splint will comfortably support the dorsal frame and  provide the functionality and relief of a posterior splint.

  • DynaPro Reusable Cold & Hot Compress
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    Reusable Cold & Hot Compress


    The DynaPro Reusable Cold & Hot Compress is a versatile non-toxic compress that you can use for both hot and cold therapies and for treatment of both acute and chronic injuries.

  • McDavid Runners' Therapy Achilles Sleeve

    Runners’ Therapy Achilles Sleeve


    The McDavid Runners’ Therapy Achilles Sleeve has an anatomical design with dual compression and enhances pain relief, recovery and support.

  • DynaPro Health Instant Cold Pack
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    Single Use Instant Cold Pack


    The DynaPro Health Single Use Instant Cold Pack is an essential part of a first aid kit that will help you start treatment of acute injuries right away.