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  • Mueller Sports Medicine Blister Pads

    Blister Pads


    Mueller Sports Medicine Blister Pads are thin flexible, pressure-sensitive & adhesive foam pads designed to protect you from discomfort due to friction and pressure from blisters. 5 Blister Pads per pack.

  • Cramer Felt Variety Pack

    Felt Variety Pack


    The Cramer felt variety pack is a versatile and all-in-one product that aims to be the complete answer to all your orthopedic padding needs.

  • Oppo Medical Foam Oval Corn Pads

    Foam Oval Corn Pads


    Oppo Medical Foam Oval Corn Pads cushion sensitive parts of your feet from the pressure that can result in corns.

  • Oppo Medical Foam Protective Pads

    Foam Protective Pads


    Oppo Medical Foam Protective Pads are made with high quality gel to help them conform to the shape of your foot for maximum comfort. Along with the comfort they will ease the pain and irritation, you are experiencing from calluses, corns and sensitive skin on your feet.

  • Oppo Medical Foam Retractors

    Foam Retractors


    Oppo Medical Foam Retractors fit comfortably without restricting normal range of motion, prevent overlapping of toes and reduce pain caused by interdigital pressure.

  • Oppo Medical Gel Cushion
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    Gel Cushion


    The Oppo Medical Gel Cushion is a fully lined gel cushion that will help soothe any lesions you may have due to inter digital rubbing or pressure.

  • Oppo Medical Gel Digital Rings

    Gel Digital Rings


    Oppo Medical Gel Digital Rings promote circulation, ease toe pain and cushion your toes against accidental impacts and friction.

  • Oppo Medical Gel Elastic Sleeve (Half Coated)
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    Gel Elastic Sleeve (Half Coated)


    The Oppo Medical Gel Elastic Sleeve (Half Coated) is a sleeve that fits around your toe to reduce friction and pressure between your toes and mitigate the symptoms of corns, blisters and hammer toes.

  • Oppo Medical Gel Hallux Straighteners

    Gel Hallux Straighteners


    Oppo Medical Gel Hallux Straighteners correct hallux valgus deformities by stopping your big toe from overlapping with the second.They also prevent and reduce the pain from ingrown toenails and calluses.

  • Oppo Medical Gel Toe Caps

    Gel Toe Caps


    Oppo Medical Gel Toe Caps will protect your feet the irritation, pressure and friction produced by by hammer toes, calluses and soft corns.

  • Oppo Medical Gel Toe Sleeves
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    Gel Toe Sleeves


    Oppo Medical Gel Toe Sleeves ease lesions that result from rubbing or pressure. They also help to reduce pain due to calluses, soft corns, blisters and hammer toes. The sleeves are 100% coated with gel and come in sets of 3 pieces, each  1 1/8″ long. Oppo Medical Gel Toe Sleeves – Indications Calluses Hammer…

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    Heel & Lace Pads


    Mueller Sports Medicine Heel & Lace Pads will reduce tenderness and irritation caused by friction inside your shoes near the heel and lace areas. These thin layers of foam are designed to be used with Mueller Sports Medicine Lubricating Ointment to maintain high levels of comfort throughout the athlete’s game or training session. The pads…

  • Oppo Medical Metatarsal Footpads

    Metatarsal Footpads


    Oppo Medical Metatarsal Footpads help you to avoid forefoot inflammation and calluses. Soft gel pads attach to elastic sleeves for better conformance to the contours of your foot. Metatarsal Footpads also provide cushioning and protection for sore metatarsal areas. Metatarsal FootPads are available in pairs. Oppo Medical Metatarsal Footpads -Indications Metatarsalgia Shock absorption Calluses prevention…

  • Rolyan Moleskin Roll
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    Moleskin Roll


    The Rolyan Moleskin Roll is designed to help reduce friction on sensitive areas and has a paper backing that makes changing applications a painless and trouble free matter.

  • Oppo Medical Oval Corn Pads

    Oval Corn Pads


    Oppo Medical Oval Corn Pads protect localized foot areas from pressure and friction. They are one size and come 9 pieces/ pack. Oppo Medical Oval Corn Pads -Indications Calluses Soft corn Sensitive area

  • Oppo Medical Protective Pads

    Protective Pads


    Oppo Medical Protective Pads prevent blisters and rashes and soothe pain due to calluses.

  • Oppo Medical Retractors



    Oppo Medical Retractors help to prevent toe overlapping and ease the pain of inter-digital pressure. They provide a comfortable fit without restricting your range of motion. Oppo Medical Retractors – Indications Overlapping toes Calluses

  • Cramer Skin Lube
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    Skin Lube


    Cramer Skin Lube is designed to help prevent blisters and calluses in vulnerable areas like the chest, thighs and shoulder that may experience excess friction.

  • Oppo Medical Toe Crests

    Toe Crests


    Oppo Medical Toe Crests help you to avoid hammer toes and callosities and will also help to stretch contracted toes.For those already suffering from hammer, mallet and claw toes, they will also help reduce the resulting pain and pressure. Oppo Medical Toe Crests – Indications Calluses Hammer toes

  • Oppo Medical Tubular Pad (Long)

    Tubular Pad (Long)


    The Oppo Medical Tubular Pad (Long) soothes lesions caused by pressure or rubbing and reduces pain caused by calluses, blisters, soft corns and hammer toes.