Golfers Elbow Brace

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Golfers elbow is an injury that is the result of injury to the tendons of the inner elbow. It is caused by overuse of the forearm muscles that connect to the elbow joint via those tendons. A brace for golfers elbow relieves the pressure on those tendons by pressing on the forearm muscles and absorbing vibrations travelling along them before they reach the elbow tendons.

What Are The Types Of Brace For Golfers Elbow?

In genera, there are 3 types and we discuss each type below:

Elbow Strap

The first and generally the simplest is an elbow strap that goes around the forearm just below the elbow joint. This is also usually the most economically priced brace for golfers elbow. It allows you to apply compression to a specific portion of the forearm muscles and is suitable if you are suffering from golfers elbow and nothing else.

One key advantage of the elbow strap is the fact that it usually uses an adjustable hook and loop closure design. As a result, you can adjust the strap to increase compression if you elbow is particularly painful and vice versa.

Elbow Sleeve

An elbow sleeve covers the elbow as well as the forearm area. A neoprene sleeve provides heat therapy in addition to compression and also compresses a larger area of the elbow. It is a more expensive brace for golfers elbow but it allows for treatment of more general elbow injuries in addition to golfers elbow.

Elbow Sleeve w/Strap

Finally, some elbow sleeves are combined with a strap. This type of design allows for heat therapy and general elbow coverage. However, it also allows you to apply additional compression to a specific (more painful) area. This is generally the most expensive type of elbow brace. As with the strap, you can also use this type of brace to change the degree of compression depending on the amount of pain you are feeling at any time.

Difference Between Tennis & Golfers Elbow Braces

One question you may be asking yourself at this point is whether there is any actual difference between these 2 types of brace.

In practice, most braces for tennis elbow are also suitable for golfers elbow. The difference lies not in the design of the brace itself but in how you wear it to get the pain relief you need. If you have tennis elbow, you wear the brace to apply pressure to the outside of your elbow, where you are feeling pain. If you have golfers elbow, you will wear the brace to focus the compression on the inner elbow instead.

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