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  • LP EmbioZ Thigh Compression Sleeve
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    EmbioZ Thigh Compression Sleeve


    The LP EmbioZ Thigh Compression Sleeve features a Power System that improves the lower extremity kinetic chain, from the thigh to the knee.

    The key feature of the LP EmbioZ Thigh Compression Sleeve is a Power System that serves to improve your upper leg kinetic chain, extending from your thigh to your knee. The Power System stabilizes your knee movements and helps to prevent excessive twisting. As with the other members of the LP EmbioZ range, the Thigh Compression Sleeve also helps to increase proprioception. In addition, it helps to enhance the effectiveness and accuracy of your knee movements.

    The Power System runs along your thigh muscles and also decreases muscle oscillation. In addition to these benefits,  the Power System improves the performance of the lower extremity kinetic chain by more effectively accumulating energy during flexion. This improved efficiency enhances sports performance of activities such as jumping or kicking. You will see the benefit of this performance improvement in sports like soccer, volleyball, basketball or other sports with significant jumping or kicking activity.

  • Bio Skin Groin Wrap
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    Groin Wrap

    The Bio Skin Groin Wrap is made to be used in conjunction with Bio Skin’s Compression Shorts to provide additional compression and support to damaged groin, hip flexor or upper hamstring muscles, tendons or ligaments.