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  • LP Support Arm Power Sleeve

    Arm Power Sleeve


    Choose the LP Support Arm Power Sleeve and enjoy the ability of its Power Band and Regulation Area to maintain an optimal compression level, minimize your energy wastage and improve your kinetic capacity.

  • LP Back Support With Stays

    Back Support With Stays


    The LP Back Support With Stays provides support for your mid and lower back with no sacrifice of range of motion. It also provides support from its four pliable stays. These stays also provide  constant warmth to your lower back muscles to promote healing and mitigate any back spasms that may be present. If you…

  • LP EmbioZ Leg Compression Sleeve
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    EmbioZ Leg Compression Sleeve


    The LP EmbioZ Leg Compression Sleeve features a Power Band positioned along your upper and lower legs that enhances your lower limb kinetic chain between the knee and ankle. The LP EmbioZ Leg Compression Sleeve will help you to improve your athletic performance enhancement, use energy more efficiently and avoid injury courtesy of it unique Power Band allied to no-seam design and compressive properties. Wear the Power Band over your outer and inner thighs as well as your calves. You will  find that it helps to improve your lower limb proprioception. This in turn improves your ability to detect and avoid unnatural limb movements or positions.  This will contribute to a reduction in your risk of injury. The Power Band will also improve the effectiveness of your lower limbs when you need to use them as a kinetic chain. It will help to improve your ability to store and release energy more explosively when flexing and extending your knee. The result of this will be more explosive power  when pedaling, kicking, sprinting and jumping.The Power Band also simulates the effect of kinesiology tape by allowing the skin under it to slide and recoil against adjacent muscles. This promotes the delivery of freshly oxygenated blood to your muscles. In addition, it promotes the removal of lymphatic fluid and other metabolic waste from tired muscles. As a result, you will discover an improvement in your ability to delay the onset of muscle fatigue. You will therefore maintain higher performance levels for longer.

  • LP Industrial Back Support

    Industrial Back Support


    The LP Industrial Back Support features flexible stays that help ease stress and pressure on your lower back. This type of stress can come from tasks like frequently lifting heavy objects in the workplace. The Support also has 4 inch side pulls that offer uniform support and compression. In addition to flexible stays and side…

  • LP Support Knee Power Sleeve

    Knee Power Sleeve


    The LP Support Knee Power Sleeve will raise your sports performance to new levels by enhancing your muscle balance, improving the efficiency of your energy usage and boosting kinetic chain energy efficiency.

  • LP Sacro Lumbar Support
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    Sacro Lumbar Support


    The LP Sacro Lumbar Support helps you to avoid muscular atrophy and ease your low back pain. The Sacro Lumbar Support features four pliable metallic stays to further stabilize your back. If you need to increase the compression level, you can increase the tightness of both external hook and loop closures. In addition to the…

  • LP Sacro Lumbar Support - Professional

    Sacro Lumbar Support – Professional


    The LP Sacro Lumbar Support – Professional eases pain from lumbar joint and sacroiliac dysfunction. The Sacro Lumbar Support also helps to reduce the risk of spraining associated ligaments. It has two pliable stays and four removable aluminum stays at the back. The purpose of these stays is to improve stability.  The composition of the…

  • DynaPro StretchLight
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    StretchLight Tearable Elastic Bandage

    Use DynaPro StretchLight for superior conformability and support for knees, ankles, hands and wrists, particularly when treating sprained or vulnerable joints. Its latex free and hypoallergenic composition also makes it the ideal choice for those with sensitive skin or for those with histories of allergic reactions.