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  • Mueller Posture Corrector
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    Adjustable Posture Corrector


    The Mueller Posture Corrector helps you maintain poor posture and avoid back pain and features additional padding, a one strap adjustment system and vertically sewn seams.

  • LP Back Support With Stays

    Back Support With Stays


    The LP Back Support With Stays provides support for your mid and lower back with no sacrifice of range of motion. It also provides support from its four pliable stays. These stays also provide  constant warmth to your lower back muscles to promote healing and mitigate any back spasms that may be present. If you…

  • LP Clavic Brace
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    Clavic Brace For Posture Improvement


    The LP Clavic Brace will help you improve your posture by strengthening your neck and upper back muscles to help you keep pressure off your lower back and avoid pain in that area.

  • BSN LeukoTape P
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    LeukoTape P


    BSN Leukotape P is a tape with a rayon backing, superior tensile strength and an ultra strong zinc oxide adhesive. A great choice for securing the patella-femoral and shoulder areas,  it can remain in position for up to 18 hours at a time.

  • Woman wearing the PostureMedic Posture Perfector

    Posture Perfector


    The PostureMedic Posture Perfector will help you specifically target the neck and back muscles that play a key role in maintaining proper posture and avoiding lower back pain.