Rotator Cuff Injury

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A rotator cuff injury involves damage to the group of muscles and tendons surrounding the shoulder joint (known as the rotator cuff). These muscles and tendons surround the shoulder joint. They perform the important role of securing the head of your upper arm bone in the shallow shoulder socket. A torn rotator cuff involves tearing or other damage to the rotator cuff muscles and tendons. It causes dull aching in the region of the shoulder joint.

A rotator cuff injury can result from a sudden significant event that damages the shoulder. However, in other cases it develops from gradual wear and tear of the tendons and muscles comprising the rotator cuff. If you play a sport or have a job that involves repetitively using your arm over the shoulder or lifting objects over your shoulder, this can aggravate or damage the rotator cuff tendons.

Risk factors for a rotator cuff injury include:

  • Age – the injury is more frequent among people over the age of 60;
  • Employment in jobs like carpentry or construction, in which you use your arm extensively in overhead actions like hammering or painting;
  • Family history – if you have close relatives with the condition, you may be more at risk of developing it yourself.

Symptoms Of A Rotator Cuff Injury

Symptoms of this condition  include:

  • A dull aching deep in the shoulder joint;
  • Weakness in the affected arm and inability to bear weight on it;
  • Difficulty performing reaching movements such as when combing your hair or putting a shirt on.


To treat your rotator cuff injury, your doctor will usually prescribe rest for the joint. A should brace such as one of those below can take the pressure off the joint and allow the rotator cuff tendons and muscles to heal naturally.

In addition, there are shoulder strengthening exercises that a physiotherapist can suggest to reduce the risk of recurrence.

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