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  • LP Support Calf Power Sleeve

    Calf Power Sleeve


    The LP Support Calf Power Sleeve features a Y shaped Power Band, a Regulation Area and seamless Lycra for enhanced performance and smooth comfort.

  • McDavid Compression Calf Sleeves / Pair

    Compression Calf Sleeves / Pair


    McDavid Compression Calf Sleeves / Pair feature compression to stabilize the lower leg muscles as well as hDc moisture management and flat seam technology.

  • LP EmbioZ Calf Compression Sleeve
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    EmbioZ Calf Compression Sleeve


    The LP EmbioZ Calf Compression Sleeve features a Power Band around your calf muscles that will help to enhance your lower extremity kinetic chain movements between the leg and ankle. This Band helpsyour skin to move against your underlying muscles as you make your regular movements. Like kinesiology tape, the Band uses the resulting forces of pressure, elasticity and recoil to promote the infusion of fresh blood to your calves. In addition, the same forces help to promote the removal of metabolic waste and lymphatic fluids from the calf muscles. The result of these actions is increased freshness of your calf muscles for longer periods. This will in turn improve athletic performance. The sleeve also applies compression to the calf to further support the replenishment of freshly oxygenated blood to the area. Compression also helps to further accelerate lymphatic fluid and waste material removal from the calf area. As a result, you maintain higher energy levels for longer than would otherwise be the case.


  • Mueller Sports Medicine MuellerKold Instant Cold Pack

    MuellerKold Instant Cold Pack


    The Mueller Sports Medicine MuellerKold Instant Cold Pack cools just 5 seconds after you start squeezing it. It is ideal for acute sports injuries or other situations that require application of first aid.

  • DynaPro Reusable Cold & Hot Compress
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    Reusable Cold & Hot Compress


    The DynaPro Reusable Cold & Hot Compress is a versatile non-toxic compress that you can use for both hot and cold therapies and for treatment of both acute and chronic injuries.

  • LP Shin And Calf Support

    Shin And Calf Support


    The LP Shin And Calf Support compresses and supports your calf and shin areas. It is an excellent choice for rehabilitating lower leg injuries such as shin splints and calf strains. The Support has a unique Velcro closure design that helps it to fit most calf sizes and apply adjustable support. You wearit over the upper…

  • DynaPro Health Instant Cold Pack
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    Single Use Instant Cold Pack


    The DynaPro Health Single Use Instant Cold Pack is an essential part of a first aid kit that will help you start treatment of acute injuries right away.

  • Kego Walking Crutches
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    Walking Crutches (Pair)


    Kego Walking Crutches (Pair) are durable lightweight crutches manufactured from aluminium. They will provide you with stability if you are unable to walk on your own. The crutches are equipped with a comfortable and durable underarm pad and hand grip. These walking crutches are sold in pairs. They are available in four crutch sizes –…