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The BioFreeze Professional – 4 oz Spray is a pain relief product that, when applied, causes menthol to bind with temperature sensitive receptors in the skin and produce a cold sensation to overwhelm the pain signals that would otherwise be felt.


The BioFreeze Professional – 4 oz Spray relieves pain by using menthol to produce a cold sensation that overwhelms pain signals transmitted through the spine to the brain. Menthol is able to bind to temperature sensitive receptors in bodily tissues. It then “drowns out” the signals of pain that you would otherwise experience.

Advantages of the BioFreeze Professional – 4 oz Spray


The “drowning out” described above is very similar to how ice works to relieve pain. However, by using menthol instead, the BioFreeze Professional – 4 oz Spray has some comparative advantages:

  • Menthol has greater pain relieving properties than ice;
  • It  does not have the discomfort that ice produces when placed in direct contact with the skin
  • Menthol is also easier to deploy as you don’t need a refridgerator and the hours of time needed to produce ice
  • You don’t need to store BioFreeze in a refridgerator to maintain it, as you would ice;
  • The pain relieving effects of Menthol/BioFreeze last longer than ice. This conclusion is based on the subjective experience of 9 out of 10 patients.

Oral Analgesics

However, the BioFreeze Professional – 4 oz Spray confers the following advantages over oral analgesics like Tylenol:

  • It is non addictive and, as a completely natural product, has far fewer side effects;
  • With BioFreeze/Menthol, you can target the pain relief to specific body areas instead of indiscriminately targeting the entire body;
  • BioFreeze has far fewer interactions with other drugs on the market
  • You do not need to worry about overdosing from BioFreeze;
  • You won’t need to get a prescription from your doctor in order to buy BioFreeze.

The spray applicator used by the BioFreeze Professional – 4 oz Spray allows you to target specific areas of the body where pain may be present. It also permits you to treat painful areas that may not be easily reach using a roll on applicator or your hands. You can apply the medication without it getting on your hands. It is small enough to be carried to work in your coat pocket, briefcase or handbag and be ready to hand whenever the pain shows signs of returning.

Since all other Biofreeze products (such as 4 oz tube product) also use menthol, they also enjoy these advantages over both ice and orally administered over the counter or prescription analgesics.

BioFreeze Professional – 4 oz Spray:Indications

You can use the BioFreeze Professional – 4 oz Spray to manage chronic pain due to arthritis, bursitis and tendonitis. It is also useful for treatment of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness such as you may experience after prolonged and/or strenuous exercise.



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