Lifeline View Defibrillator


The Defibtech Lifeline View AED has a large interactive full color display with step by step instructions for CPR and is easily upgraded to the latest protocols.



The Defibtech Lifeline View AED has a large interactive full color display with step by step instructions for carrying out CPR, including the provision of rescue breathing, and for supplying external defibrillation.

An Automated External Defibrillator or  AED is an electronic device that can automatically detect when someone is suffering a life threatening cardiac arrhythmia.  It can then supply an electrical signal to treat the arrhythmia by means of defibrillation. This signal gives the heart a chance to re- establish an effective rhythm so that it can continue to function properly. Once an effective rhythm has been established, the heart can continue using a rhythm that is subject to control by its internal pacemaker cells.

When using this unit, the responder can easily and quickly switch from either (a) compression only CPR or (b) rescue breathing to using both modes. As a result, he or she can easily configure the unit to carry out CPR in a way that is consistent with the responder’s training and/or preferences.

Interactive Display Feature

A key feature of the unit is its interactive high quality status screen that supplies up to the minute information on any required maintenance. There is also built in video with step by step maintenance guidance that supplements the accompanying user manual. The unit is also equipped to provide proactive reporting on the status of its components.

Defibtech Lifeline View AED – Other Features

  • Utilizes biphasic technology – a clinically proven waveform and algorithm – to deliver life saving electric shocks in times or emergency;
  • Equipped with a with a built in metronome to help the responder remember how many compressions are needed as well as the timing between each one;
  • Compact, portable and lightweight – the unit weighs in under 3 pounds.
  • To help you ensure that your Defibtech Lifeline View AED always has the latest specifications,  it can be easily upgraded to the latest protocols in the field with a data card.
  • You can also use data cards to record or retrieve data from the unit whenever needed.

A high quality defibrillator like the Defibtech Lifeline View AED, together with other items such as emergency airway management kits, should be considered an essential accessory for the treatment of patients who may be undergoing cardiac arrest.


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