HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator – Ready Pack


The Heartstart defibrillator boasts intuitive Life Guidance, detailed automatic instructions and other features to keep responders ready to deliver life saving CPR when needed by a patient suffering cardiac arrest.

SKU: DM-5066A


The HeartStart Defibrillator AED from Philips provides Life Guidance intuitive and includes detailed instructions for the use of the unit. These instructions include step by step CPR coaching. As a result, responders using this unit will have all the confidence needed to treat an individual who is suffering a cardiac arrest.

This AED  also boasts a patented Quick Shock feature which provides a shock within 8 seconds after CPR.  Its features an advanced technology design that slso permits transmission of its event data to a smartphone or PC.  You will also receive automatic notification of supplies for which expiry is imminent.

This defibrillator is supplied wih an 8 year manufacturer’s warranty included. Its battery has a 4 year warranty and its other accessories carry a 12 month warranty.

HeartStart Defibrillator – What’s Included

  • Onsite Defibrillator;
  • Carrying case;
  • Adult Smart Pad x 2 (one of which is preinstalled in the unit);
  • Battery;
  • Fast response kit including paramedic scissors, CPR Face Mask, nitrile gloves (1 pair), razor and absorbent cloth.


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