DT-01B Digital Thermometer


The accurate and versatile DT-01B Digital Thermometer will help you safeguard your family’s health by measuring basal body temperature of family members, either orally, rectally or via an axillary site measurement.


The DT-01B Digital Thermometer will help you safeguard your family’s health.  Use it to measure the body temperature of infants, young children, parents and even grandparents.

The DT-01B needs only 30 seconds for temperature measurement and sounds a beeper signal when the measured temperature is steady and is ready for reading. It is a highly accurate instrument with a 0.1ºC temperature accuracy reading, just like that of the IRT1603 thermometer. It measures temperatures in the range 32.0°C to 42.0°C which easily spans the basal temperature ranges in both healthy and feverish human subjects. To help you track the trend in readings (increasing or decreasing) the DT-01B can store the last temperature reading taken. It will also automatically turn off to conserve its battery life after 10 minutes of inactivity.

The versatile DT-01B can take either temperature measurements either rectally or orally. Rectal measurements are the most accurate, as they come closest to measuring basal body temperature. In addition, you can use the DT-o1B for axillary temperature measurements  – under the armpit, for example.

The DT-01B digital thermometer uses a 1.5V battery and will give you approximately 100 hours of continuous use. Its dimensions are 122mm x 17mm x 10mm and it has an 20mm x 7.5mm LCD screen that allows you to easily read the measured temperature. Net weight of the thermometer is 9.5g, making it easily portable in a handbag or large wallet if necessary.  The thermometer comes with a battery, detailed instruction manual and carry case.


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