WebCol Alcohol Preps


WebCol Alcohol Preps combine a non woven pad with a precise mixture of 70% isopropyl alcohol. Use them to disinfect the skin before an injection or any form of medical procedure.

SKU: 63001

WebCol Alcohol Preps contain a premium quality non woven pad imbued with isopropyl alcohol. The non woven pad is combined with a precise concentration of 70% isopropyl alcohol. This 70% concentration of isopropyl alcohol in water is the optimal combination for disinfectant purposes.The water functions to open up the membrane pores of the bacteria targeted by the disinfectant. Once these pores are open, they serve as a gateway through which the isopropyl alcohol can invade the bacteria.

Alcohol prep pads are a great choice to to cleanse your skin before taking an injection or undergoing a medical procedure. They provide maximum absorbency for cleansing and scrubbing the target area. Another use of the Preps is to clean instruments such as stethoscopes before using those instruments for an examination. WebCol Alcohol Preps are single use only. Please discard the pad once you have finished using it.

WebCol Alcohol Preps – Indications

  • Useful for disinfecting your skin before injections with pen needles, lancelets or insulin syringes;
  • Alcohol Preps are also useful for cleaning instruments before you use them for patient examination;
  • Also useful for disinfecting scrapes, cuts and other superficial wounds to reduce infection risk.




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