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DynaPro XPressClean Hand Sanitizer w/70% Isopropyl Alcohol


DynaPro XPressClean Hand Sanitizer offers you the opportunity to maintain optimum hand cleanliness all day long, whatever the situation. Just spray it over both hands, rub your hands together and you are good to go.


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DynaPro XPressClean Hand Sanitizer is the perfect choice for keeping your hands clean when you are in your car or away from home in a situation in which soap and water are not ready to hand. It has a 70% alcohol concentration, which places it at the top of the 60%-70% range recommended by public health experts for optimal cleaning power. This equals the concentration used in alcohol based wipes such as Loris.

Use XPressClean at work, in your car or outdoors where soap and water are not readily available. Just spray it over both the front and back of each hand and rub your hands together. Then allow your hands to dry. Don’t forget to apply it under your fingernails and between your fingers.

Use DynaPro XPressClean Sanitizer to clean objects like door handles, elevator buttons and gas pump handles before your hands touch them. You can spray it over these objects instead of using a gel that requires you to apply it using your fingers. It will be useful in a multitude of situations for protection against respiratory viruses such as the one causing COVID-19 disease.

DynaPro XPressClean Hand Sanitizer – Non Medicinal Ingredients

As mentioned above, DynaPro XPressClean Hand Sanitizer uses isopropyl alcohol as its active ingredient. Isopropyl alcohol is one of the 2 possible ingredients that health experts recommend for maximum cleaning power for hand sanitizers. In addition to isopropyl alcohol, XPressClean Hand Sanitizer contains the following non medicinal ingredients:

  • Glycerin;
  • Hydrogen Peroxide;
  • Water;
  • Essential oil (Lavender).

The glycerin in DynaPro XPressClean Hand Sanitizer will keep your skin moisturized and healthy. Hdrogen peroxide is used to kill any bacterial spores that may be present in the sanitizer after manufacture. XPressClean Hand Sanitizer is Health Canada approved with an NPN (Natural Product Number). It is based on the World Health Organization approved formula for hand sanitizers.

To use XPressClean Hand Sanitizer:

-Spray over your palms, fingers and the backs of your hands;
-Rub it thoroughly into your hands for at least 30 seconds and allow to dry;
-Allow your hands to dry naturally. Do not dry them prematurely using paper towels or other similar methods as XPressClean will then be less effective at killing potentially harmful pathogens.
-If your hands are visibly dirty, you should use soap and water for optimal cleaning. XPressClean Hand Sanitizer is nevertheless a convenient hand cleaning product to have in those situations when soap and water are not readily available.
-Please note that this product is for external use only. Supervise children under the age of 11 when they are using this product.

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