MVP Balance System – Complete


SKU: CD-10-1904

The CanDo® MVP® Balance System – Complete set features 3 different non-skid balance boards (diameters 16″, 20″ and 30″) ,10 color-coded instability balls (2 of each level from easiest to most difficult) and a wall rack. This unique set is great tool to develop balance, coordination, lower leg strength and ankle range-of-motion. It is also perfect for rehabilitation at home or clinic, posture improvement and training for better flexibility and proprioception ( sense of body position and self-movement). By changing different sized, color-coded balls and their positions, user can easily control the platform stability for various challenging levels. The size of instability balls differentiate difficulty levels. The smaller instability balls provide less instability which means easier level and the bigger instability balls means more advanced level. If one ball is placed in the centre of the balance board or two balls are inserted in opposite positions, it can be used as a wobble board and if one ball is positioned off centre, it is effectively used for range-in-motion and stretching exercises.



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