Therapy Putty


Use Theraputty to regain hand and wrist strength and functionality after an injury or disorder. It comes in 6 colour coded resistance levels and is easily portable with you on vacation or business trips.

Theraputty is a resistive substance ideally suited for hand exercise. It is color coded to various gradually increasing resistance levels. There are 6 resistance levels ranging from XX-Soft to X-Firm. This allows you to  gradually increase resistance as you recover hand strength.

Theraputty is gluten, casein and latex free. It is available in containers of various sizes – 2 oz, 3 oz, 4 oz, 5 oz and 6 oz for home use and 1 Lb and 5 Lbs for professional use.

Exercise putty is widely used to strengthen hands and fingers  during rehabilitation from illness, injury, surgery or a stroke. It is suitable for use by anyone who has suffered a disorder that affects muscle tone and grip strength. Specifically, Theraputty is useful for treating carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger finger disorders, among others.

However, its usefulness is not limited to soft tissue injuries. If you have undergone a hand fracture and have worn a hand cast for an extended period, you will also find therapy putty exercises useful in regaining your normal hand strength.

TheraPutty Color Coded Resistance Levels

Theraputty comes with the following color coded resistance levels:

  • XX-Soft: Tan;
  • X-Soft: Yellow;
  • Soft:Red;
  • Medium: Green;
  • Firm: Blue; and
  • X-Firm: Black.


  • Follow the directions of your therapist when using Theraputty;
  • Wash your hands before using and after handling therapy putty;
  • Keep the putty in a sealed bag or other container to prevent it drying out and losing its moldability;
  • Keep therapy putty away from children or pets;
  • Keep the putty from touching fabric, clothing or carpets. If it does get onto these materials, use ice to harden the putty and then scrape it off;
  • Do not allow the putty to come close to excessive heat or open flames;
  • In high room temperatures, store the putty in a fridge using a waterproof container;
  • For external use only. In case of ingestion, seek professional assistance immediately;
  • Do not allow Theraputty to come into contact with your eyes, nose or ears.


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