Fitness Loops


360 Athletics Fitness Loops are a great choice for you if your lifestyle requires late night or early morning workouts or lots of time on vacation or business trips.


The 360 Athletics Fitness Loops are great accessories for improving the strength of both your upper and lower body muscle groups. If your lifestyle requires lots of time in hotel rooms or on business trips, you can take these versatile and portable loops with you to keep your exercise program on track. The loops are made of latex to give you outstanding elasticity and long lasting performance.

Compared to using dumbells or barbells, 360 Athletics Fitness Loops are of course much more portable and are also safer to use. No need to look for a “spotter” if you decide to have a late night workout in your hotel room!

Keeping fit is one of the most effective tools for injury avoidance. This is the case whether these injuries are related to sports, home chores or non sporting recreational activities. These loops will help you to achieve this.



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