Figure 8 Resistance Tubing


Use 360 Athletics Figure 8 Resistance Tubing to keep yourself in peak physical condition at all times.

360 Athletics Figure 8 Resistance Tubing offers a great way for you to add resistance training to your exercise routine. You can use the tubing for either upper or lower body workouts. It is useful for performing one armed rows, pec flys and many other routines.

The short length of figure 8 bands allows you to have greater control. If you are just starting out on an exercise routine, you will see quicker results. That can be a great motivator to you to persevere with your program.

You can easily store the tubing in travel luggage. Take it with you on vacations or business trips to help you keep up with your exercise routine. Improving your fitness level is an effective strategy for reducing your risk of injury during sports activity. In fact, it will help you to avoid injury even if it is related to routine chores around the home or vocational activities like gardening. If you do  get injured, you will have a better chance of a full and quick recovery if you have a high fitness level. 360 Athletics Figure 8 Resistance Tubing will make it easier for you to maintain a high fitness level. That will help you to remain in the game.


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