Resistance Tubing with Handles


360 Athletics Resistance Tubing with Handles offer you a convenient way to build your upper and lower body strength levels.


360 Athletics Resistance Tubing with Handles are a convenient exercise accessory. Use them to strengthen your upper and lower body muscles to improve your strength and fitness level.

Fitness improvement is one of the most effective tools to avoid sports injuries before they happen. Even if you do get an injury, your chances of a quick and full recovery are improved, the higher your fitness level in the first place.

This latex resistance tubing offers superb elasticity and durability. It has large handles that you can easily slip over your feet and ankles for more safer and effective workouts.

Relative to free weights, 360 Athletics Resistance Tubing with Handles  is a safer exercise accessory and is also much more portable. For example, you can easily carry them in your car or in travel luggage. They can help you keep up with your exercise program through the demands of work and despite vacation and business trips.

The Tubing has 4 resistance levels – Light(Yellow), Medium(Green), Heavy(Red) and Very Heavy(Blue).



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