Active Recovery Kit


The latex free Theraband Active Recovery Workout Kit is ideally suited  for upper and lower body exercise to strengthen muscles, increase your range of motion and improve your flexibility.


The Theraband Active Recovery Workout Kit is an ideal accessory for upper and lower body exercise when you need to strengthen muscles, increase range of motion or improve your flexibility. You can take this portable workout kit with you to work, to the gym or even on vacation. Of course, you can also store and use it at home. The kit is latex free, so you have no need to worry about possible skin reactions even if you suffer from latex sensitivities.

The Active Recovery kit also comes securely wrapped in blister packaging. As a result, it is suitable for sale in retail or other environments.

The Active Recovery kit is based on a color coded progressive resistance system. Under this system, the user can recognize improvement as it is taking place. He or she is therefore able to smoothly transition to the next level in order to maintain uninterrupted progress.

The Beginner Active Recovery package includes yellow, red and green color coded tubing. These colors corresponds to respective required forces of 3.0,3.7 and 4.6 pounds for 100% elongation. So each step corresponds to a 25% increase in force levels.

The Advanced package includes the blue and black color coded tubes. These correspond to respective required forces of 5.8 and 7.3 pounds for 100% elongation. Again, each step requires a 25% increase in the force required for 100% elongation.

In addition to the beginner and advanced active recovery workout kits, you can also buy accessory kits.


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