Padded Exercise Bar


SKU: CD-10-2979


The CanDo® Padded Exercise Bar with Tubing exerciser is versatile tool to use for gaining strength, conditioning, alignment balance and flexibility. This foam covered, unweighted exercise bar comes with 1 resistance yellow tube which is attached at the end of both sides of the bar. This Exercise bar is great for multiple workout for your upper body, the lower body, the core, the back and even the arms and legs. For the upper body, users can do arm extensions, chest presses, curls and lifts. For the lower body, it aids performances like kickbacks, crunches, lifts and other multiple exercises. It can also be used for squats and lunges to train the core and back. Resistance can be increased easily by winding up the tubing. Dimension: 36″x 2″x 2″ Weight: 2 lbs





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