Twist-Bend-Shake Exerciser



The CanDo® Twist-Bend-Shake® Exerciser is a versatile hand exerciser that is designed to strengthen muscles in hand, wrist, forearm and shoulder. It is a great portable tool for you to perform three effective forms of exercise ; TWIST, BEND and SHAKE. Just place your both hands on the bar and try twisting by flexing one wrist while keeping the other side steady or moving it to the opposite direction. For bending, place your hands near the ends of bar and flex it in the middle of the bar. To shake, you can hold the bar with one hand and shake or rotate it to let the bar flex. Twist-Bend-Shake® Exerciser is available in 2 sizes: 24 and 36 inch long. Each size has color-coded 6 resistance levels.  The resistance force required for the exercise can also be controlled by the positioning of your hands ) different distance between hands), the speed of flexing, or trying different resistance bar.

Color-coded resistance levels : Tan – xx-light, Yellow – x-light, Red – light, Green – medium, Blue – firm, and Black – x-firm. Consistent bar diameter and length throughout resistances means you use the same muscles with each resistance.


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