SAM Splint


The SAM Splint is a compact, versatile and lightweight device that can be used to stabilize soft tissue injuries or bone fractures. It is also widely used by ambulances and other emergency aid providers.


The SAM Splint will help immobilize your bones or soft tissues in situations requiring emergency treatment.

The splint is compact, lightweight and versatile. It consists of a thin layer of soft aluminium (only 0.016 inches thick) coated with a polyethylene closed cell material. When unpacked, the splint is a roll or flat strip but you can then unroll or unfold it and form it to fit the shape of an injured body part. Once you have folded it into a curved shape, it stiffens and is capable of immobilizing your soft tissues or bones.

You will use the SAM Splint to treat forearm, leg or humerus injuries. However, if you fold it properly,  you can also use it to stabilize a patient’s cervical spine.  In addition, you can easily cut it using scissors or shears to make a splint for smaller body parts like fingers.

The splint is translucent and will not interfere with X-Rays.

The splint is reusable – just clean and re-roll it after each use.

Available in two (2) lengths:  36″ and 18″.


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