Dressing Forceps



Dressing forceps are useful accessories when dressing wounds. They can be used for the following purposes:

  • To hold gauze (e.g. Conform stretch gauze) and other wound dressings;
  • For wound debridement when the healthcare professional needs to clean the wound by removing foreign matter or infected or necrotic tissue;
  • To suture (stitch) the wound.

Serrated edges on dressing forceps simplify the process of getting a secure grip when holding wound dressings or other matter while treating a wound. You need less gripping force for a secure grip. Hence, using serrated forceps actually reduces the risk of damaging tissue while treating the wound.

Forceps can also be curved forceps. In this form, they allow access to wounds situated in small or hard to reach areas like the mouth. When dealing with larger areas, doctors can use straight forceps with satisfactory results.


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