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The Covidien Sure Care™ Belted Undergarment features a moisture proofed external backing, elastic leg gathers and a soft and dry center to provide excellent absorbency and leakage protection.

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The Covidien Sure Care™ Belted Undergarment is manufactured from a soft, high quality, cloth-like material. These undergarments ensure discretion and will help to keep moisture away from your skin. The material is also highly absorbent as well as leakage proof and comfortable. This is a great solution to the problems of individuals afflicted by urinary incontinence.

To help prevent leakage, the undergarment will conform to the shape of your body. There is a soft, dry absorbent center for an ultra comfortable wearing experience. In addition, the undergarment has a moisture proof external backing and a wide belt for extra comfort and an even better fit.

The undergarment also features comfort-oriented elastic leg area gathers that help to ensure protection from leaks.

Persistent urinary incontinence can be a sign of more serious underlying medical problems. These can include prostate cancer or neurological disorders such as motor neurone disease. They can also be a sign of a significant upcoming medical event such as menopause or childbirth. Although an undergarment like the Covidien Sure Care™ Belted Undergarment is a good first step to addressing incontinence, you should also arrange a consultation with your doctor to better understand what may be happening.

The Covidien Sure Care™ Belted Undergarment is sold and priced as a pouch of 30 garments. It is also available as a case with 6 pouches.

One Size Fits All.

Use: Position undergarment so the moisture-proof side is away from the boy and the white absorbent side faces the body. Step into the undergarment. You can button the garment either before or after it is positioned on the body.

Disposal: Dispose of the garment in a sanitary manner. DO NOT FLUSH. Save elastic belt for next use.


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