Joint Mobilization Belt


Sammon Preston’s Joint Mobilization belt is designed to provide mobilization and stabilization of joints for more effective manual therapy.

SKU: DM-8064

A Joint Mobilization Belt can increase the effectiveness of manual therapy by improving mobilization and stabilization of joints. It is an optimal choice for treatment of joint disorders or for helping patients who are recovering from joint surgery. Patients suffering from joint pain will also value the support and pain reduction they receive from its use.

Joint mobilization is a branch of physical therapy. It is performed for pain relief and to reduce muscle spasms. Other benefits are tension reduction and improved joint flexibility. The goal of joint mobilization is to increase the patient’s awareness of the appropriate positions and movements of his or her joints. By simulating smooth and correct joint movements and functions, the therapist hopesto improve the patient’s joint flexibility and range of motion.

For additional patient comfort, therapists can combine use of the  joint mobilization belt with a pad.


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