Original Massage Stick 18″


With its exclusive GRIPTION technology to get a firm grip on your muscles and fascia, its 18″ length and fully portable design, absence of allergens and 3 year warranty, the Tiger Tail Original Massage Stick can quickly become your self massage accessory of choice.


The Tiger Tail Original Massage Stick 18″ is the perfect self massage tool to help you keep up with your stress management needs while social distancing. With its 10″ massage area, it is designed to help you self massage approximately 95% of your body without needing an attendant or even having to lie on the ground.  If you have a partner, the Original Massage Stick  will help you reach 100% of your body.

The tool uses exclusive Tiger Tail Gription technology to get a deep grip and maintain friction while passing over your fascia and muscles. This helps it quickly get rid of your muscle knots and benefit from rapid myofascial release. It will speed your recovery from Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness after a tough workout. No need to use massage creams or ointments.

Because of its non slip grip and the way it works (rolling over your body) the  Tiger Tail Original Massage Stick  will help save your hands, thumbs and fingers from fatigue.

At just 18″ long and 10.4 oz in weight, the Tiger Tail Original Massage Stick is long enough to match the shoulder width of most individuals. It is however still small enough to be portable. You can easily put it into your luggage and take it with you on vacation. Or you can slip it onto your car passenger seat and take it with you to work. You can then enjoy a quick self massage during a work break.

This is the ideal pain relief and recovery accessory for both the serious athlete preparing for your next triathlon and the weekend gardener or golfer.

The innovative features listed above have earned the Tiger Tail Original Massage Stick a US Patent – # 9,107,795, D773,682.

Tiger Tail Original Massage Stick – Other Features

Other attractive features include:

  • Complete absence of rubber, latex or any other known allergen;
  • Non bendable design that helps you target pressure exactly where you need it.
  • Easy to clean with just anti bacterial gel or soap and water;
  • A hassle free, 3 year warranty. Buy with confidence!


One Size Fits Most


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