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Face Shield – Eye, Nose & Mouth Protection

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The DynaPro Face Shield incoroporates anti fog, anti glare and anti shatter features. It comprehensively protects the three mucous membranes of your face – eyes, nose and mouth – from invasion of harmful particles, viral or bacterial matter.


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The DynaPro Face Shield comprehensively protects the three mucous membranes of your face – eyes, nose and mouth – from invasion of harmful particles, viral or bacterial matter. The visor of the Shield is made from impact resistant polycarbonate and has an anti fog coating on both sides. With this coating you will enjoy continued perfect vision. You will not have cause for concern due to exhaled moisture condensing on the visor and fogging it up. A soft and comfortable head band helps to secure the shield and keep it in position reliably throughout the day.

The main advantage of face shields over masks and respirators lies in the extra protection they provide for the eyes. In addition, individuals with a tendency to claustrophobia will be more comfortable with them. This is due to the fact that they do not press against the skin of the face.

In hot conditions, the DynaPro Face Shield will be a more comfortable option as there is less heat retention and better ventilation.

You can also easily disinfect and reuse a face shield, unlike a mask or respirator.

Those who wear facial hair (possibly for religious or cultural reasons) will find it difficult to wear an N95 or KN95 respirator effectively. Facial hair such as a moustache or sideburns can make it difficult to achieve an airtight seal against the facial contours. Face Shields such as that from Dynapro do not suffer from this disadvantage.

The DynaPro Face Shield is 33 cm long by 22 cm wide and therefore provides full facial protection.

For maximum protection, you can combine wearing a face shield with a disposable face mask or KN95 respirator.

2 responses to “Face Shield – Eye, Nose & Mouth Protection”

  1. Carol says:

    A practical and useful product. Does what it intends – protects/ shields, gives user an additional protection to nose, mouth and in addition protects ones eyes.
    Easy to use and comfortable over face.
    My 93 year old mom feels comfortable with it and uses it over her mask. She feels safer with it on if someone has to be in her immediate surroundings.

  2. alex m. says:

    Prompt delivery -good quality

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