Product Attributes

10CM x 10M Roll, 10CM x 12CM, 10CM x 25CM, 5CM x 7CM, 6CM x 7CM


3M TegaDerm is used to cover catheter sites and wounds. The dressing is transparent and breathable. It will conform to your skin, even when you use it on highly contoured areas like your fingers or toes. You can apply the dressing yourself, making it suitable for use at or away from home.  You will continue to experience near normal use of your injured body parts while benefiting from the protection  of TegaDerm.

You can but 3M TegaDerm in several sizes – 6CM by 7CM, 5CM by 7CM, 10CM by 12CM, 15CM by 20CM and 10CM by 25CM. A 10CM by 10M roll is also offered.

TegaDerm is sold by either the Box or Roll.


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