Conform Stretch Gauze Bandage, 1 Dozen


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Use conforming stretch gauze when you need a highly flexible bandage  for binding large wounds or wounds in highly contoured body areas.


Conforming stretch gauze can serve as a highly flexible bandage that you can use to bind large wounds or to treat wounds in highly contoured body areas. It is useful in situations in which the healthcare professional treating the patient does not want to restrict his or her range of motion, but needs nevertheless to securely bind and protect the injury.

In addition to the above, conforming stretch gauze can serve as a secondary bandage to secure a primary bandage in place. When used in this way, it protects the wound from invasion by foreign objects and in particular by bacteria (which could cause an infection).

You can also use gauze when you need to apply a small amount of compression to the wound.

Another advantage of gauze is its porous construction. This allows air to circulate freely around the wound.

Gauze also offers the advantage of not hindering blood circulation, this allowing healing to progress without disturbance.


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