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McDavid Compression Calf Sleeves / Pair feature compression to stabilize the lower leg muscles as well as hDc moisture management and flat seam technology.

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The McDavid Compression Calf Sleeves / Pair is a pair of calf sleeves that use compression to warm and stabilize your lower leg muscles. The sleeves will also help to reduce fatigue during workouts. In addition to these benefits, the sleeves protects your skin from abrasions.

The McDavid Compression Calf Sleeves / Pair is useful for athletes in sports that bring a risk of falling or collisions that can cause abrasive injuries, bruising, etc. The sports include cycling, soccer and basketball. You will also benefit from the reduced risk of calf injuries in sports like sprinting, basketball, soccer and others that involve intensive running. If your sport requires sudden bursts of acceleration or deceleration, you will also find these sleeves useful. This is because accelerating or decelerating place demands on your calf muscles.

The hDc Moisture Management Technology incorporated in these sleeves will help to keep your calves cool, comfortable and dry. This technology uses the cooling effect of evaporation to regulate the temperature of your calf muscles and prevent unnatural heating.

Another valuable feature of the sleeves is the 6-thread flat-lock technology used to flatten the sleeves and reduce abrasive contact with your calves. This of course improves your wearing comfort.

The 50+ UV skin protection included in the sleeves provides protection from the harmful effects of excessive UV radiation. The include a heightened risk of skin cancer.

The sleeves are available in sizes Small, Medium & Large. Please consult the chart under the Sizing tab on this page to determine your size.

Sizing Chart


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