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Large, Medium, Small, X-Large, XXL, XXXL

The LP EmbioZ Elbow Compression Sleeve uses an innovative Power System and the principles of compression technology to improve your performance by enhancing your energy levels, promoting proprioception and improving your overall technique and efficiency in actions involving the elbow joint. It will also reduce your risk of injury. Try it out and you will be amazed. The Power System uses the same concepts on which kinesiology tape is based to promote the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid through the elbow area. As with kinesiology tape, the Power System uses the siding movement of the skin against underlying muscles as normal movements are performed to improve the flow of fresh blood into the targeted area (the elbow in this case) and the removal of metabolic waste from it.  The Power System also applies compression to the elbow area. The two features described above (simulation of kinesiology tape and compression)  both help you to maintain higher energy levels for longer and to keep performing at a high level. They also reduce the risk of injuries like muscle strains. 

The LP EmbioZ Elbow Compression Sleeve helps to enhance your sports performance courtesy of seamless compression technology together with the EmbioZ Power System.

The  Power System employs the sliding motion of the skin against the underlying muscles (part of your normal movement) to improve the supply of fresh blood to the elbow and the removal of metabolic waste materials from the area. It also applies compression to your elbow, which accelerates the resupply of oxygenated blood and decreases muscle fatigue.

In addition, the Power System improves elbow stability and proprioception, which reduces the risk of injury. It also enhances the kinetic chain that uses elbow extension and/or flexion, increasing the energy released by the chain. This enhances the performance of activities such as throwing, smashing, bowling or striking.

For Which Sports Is The LP EmbioZ Elbow Compression Sleeve Best Suited?

The sleeve will help to improve performance in sports that use extensive elbow flexion and extension movements. Examples would include cricket and basketball, and in addition:

  • Baseball;
  • Tennis;
  • Squash;
  • Badminton;
  • Track & Field (e.g. Javelin or Discus Throwing);
  • Football.

Measure around the midpoint of the forearm:

Small - 8" - 9.5"
Medium - 9.5" - 11"
Large - 11" - 12.5"
X-Large - 12.5" - 14"
XXL - 14" - 15.5:
XXXL - 15.5" - 17"


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