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Black, Blue, Red, White

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Use the Mueller Sports Medicine Performance Sleeve to cover scrapes, cuts, turf burns and other skin injuries. It will also protect your arm from further harm.

The Performance Sleeve is made from smooth Lycra fabric . It also has a seamless design that helps prevent prevent skin welts, marks or other irritation. There are snug bands at the top and bottom of the sleeve to help keep it in position and reduce slipping or bunching.

You will find the Performance Sleeve most useful when playing sports in which there is a high risk of falling or colliding with other players, their equipment or with fixtures around the court, stadium, etc. Sports like basketball, rugby, football are obvious examples. However, the protection of a Performance Sleeve can also extend to sports like baseball. Batters or fielders are frequently falling as they try to  make their ground at the plate or dive to intercept a ball in the outfield. The same is true of cricket, as close fielders or the wicketkeeper are frequently diving to take catches or make fielding stops. In soccer, goalkeepers frequently have to dive along the ground to make goal saves.

The Mueller Sports Medicine Performance Sleeve is a one size fits all product. It is available in 4 colors – white, black, red and blue.


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