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The LP EmbioZ Leg Support Compression Tights includes a Power System that acts on your lower body to improve your blood & lymphatic circulation, leading to greater muscle endurance and higher efficiency of your lower body kinetic chain. Combined with a seamless design and its Comfort System, these tights will raise your performance to higher levels while you enjoy higher comfort levels during training or competition.

The Power System of the LP EmbioZ Leg Support Compression Tights covers your body below the waist and brings four benefits:

  • It helps to improve your proprioception, which means that your lower body will be better able to detect and avoid unnatural positions and motions that increase the risk of injury.  With this improved instinctive perception, your body will be less at risk of injury, even during intense or complex physical activity in competition or training;
  • The Power System also mimics the action of kinesiology tape by helping to pull your skin over the adjacent muscles and allowing it to recoil. This helps to improve blood flow to your muscles as well as lymphatic fluid / metabolic waste removal. With a fresh supply of oxygenated blood, your muscles will have greater staying power. You will therefore be able to keep your performance at peak levels for longer;
  • It helps to improve the effectiveness of the kinetic chain running from your thighs to your knees and lower legs. The result of this will be greater explosive power of actions that involve jumping, kicking,  squatting, running or cycling;
  • It provides compression to your lower body and boosts the improvement mentioned above to your blood/lymphatic circulation systems.

The LP EmbioZ  Leg Support Compression Tights also include a Comfort System that helps to to wick away your perspiration. This helps to keep your lower body properly ventilated and maintains correct body temperature. You will experience greater comfort during your training or competitive activity.

Third, the Compression Tights have a no seam design that helps to improve your wearing comfort. You can experience the therapeutic benefits of compression with no loss of comfort.

We suggest that you ensure that the Power System surrounds your knee to get the best results.

The LP EmbioZ Leg Support Compression Tights – Recommended Sports

You will enjoy the most obvious benefits from this product if your sport relies on using your lower body kinetic chain. These sports would include sprinting, high or long jumping, football or soccer.


Measure around the waist:

S - 28 ½" - 31½ " / 78 - 90 cm

M - 30 ¾" - 35½ " / 78 - 90 cm

L - 34 ¾" - 39 ½ " / 88 - 100 cm

XL - 38 ½" - 43¼ " / 98 - 110 cm

Wash by hand using soap. You can also machine wash using a laundry bag containing cold water.
The water temperature should not be greater than 105℉ /40℃.
Avoid bleaching, ironing. dry cleaning and tumble drying. Avoid using fabric softener.


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