Intelect Legend XT


The Intelect® Legend XT offers a comprehensive range of therapies in a single, space saving unit and allows you to add more functionality as your practice grows and changes.


The Intelect® Legend XT features an advanced ergonomic design and a sophisticated, versatile and user friendly interface. It  also features a modular capability that allows you to add more functionality to it as your practice grows and changes.

You can  use the Intelect® Legend XT in four different configurations:

  • Two Channel Electrotherapy;
  • Four Channel Electrotherapy;
  • Two Channel Electrotherapy with Ultrasound functionality;
  • Four Channel Electrotherapy with Ultrasound functionality;

Intelect® Legend XT – Key Features

  • A modular design – you can start with the basic 2 channel electrotherapy configuration. Later, you can add either 2 additional channels of electrotherapy or a battery module, as your needs dictate;
  • A high quality 5″ FSTN LCD monochromatic user interface;
  • Multiple waveform electrotherapy modalities with six clinical waveforms – Interferential, Premodulated, High Volt, Russian, Symmetrical Biphasic and Microcurrent;
  • If you need to do so, you can document your treatment data with patient cards.
  • You can establish user defined protocols that are based on customized waveforms. You can then organize the protocols alphabetically by patient name for easy recall;
  • Available dual frequency ultrasound capability at 1 or 3.3 MHz:
    • Pulsed or Continuous Duty Cycles (10%, 20%, 50% or 100%);
    • Four ergonomically designed soundhead applicator sizes – 1 cm sq., 2cm sq., 5 cm sq. and 10 cm sq.;
    • Watertight soundheads usable in underwater therapy;

Technical Specifications
Mains Power: 100-240 VAC~50/60 Hz, 1.0 A
Weight: 7 lb (3.2 kg)
Shipping Weight: 16 lb (7.3 kg)
Dimensions: 12.75”L x 11.4”W x 8.75”H (32.4 cm x 28.9 cm x 22.2 cm)
Electrical Safety Class: Class 1, Electrotherapy Type BF,
Ultrasound Type B Safety Tests: UL/IEC/EN 60601-1, IEC/EN 60601-1-2, IEC 60601-2-5, IEC 60601-2-10


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