Cefar Rehab X2


The Cefar Rehab X2 offers both TENS pain relief and NMES rehab therapies in a single unit and is indicated for several conditions including lower back pain, arthritis, muscle spasms and more.

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The Cefar Rehab X2 offers both TENS pain relief and NMES rehab therapies in a single unit.

As a TENS unit, it is indicated for muscle pain relief, arthritis, chronic lower back pain, neck pain and tension headaches among many other conditions. It an also reduce muscle spasms such as you may experience after suffering a severe muscle strain injury.

In TENS mode, the unit can deliver Cefar Flow TENS ( a preset program that features comfortable pain relief oriented stimulation using both channels), mixed frequency (Han-stimulation) and several other pain relief programs.

In NMES mode, it can provide:

  • Rehabilitation programs for both neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation;
  • Alternating stimulation and strength programs with active rest, warm up, recovery and massage phases.

Cefar Rehab X2 – Other Features

  • The Rehab X2 features Cefar Easy Touch with automatic intensity adjustment. This allows you to set the signal intensity by simply pressing a button on the unit. The intensity is then continually adjusted during the session according to feedback from the unit’s auto test analysis. This feature helps to simplify delivery of safe, optimal and effective therapy;
  • The Rehab X2 is also programmable – you can create and save 3 customized programs appropriate to the needs of specific patients ;
  • The unit also features a backlit screen to simplify use in poorly lit conditions;
  • Pause function;
  • Program lock that prevents accidental switching of programs and enhances user safety;
  • Timer that helps ensure you get the correct treatment duration every time;
  • key lock – prevents accidental switching of modes during treatment;
  • Self check;
  • Compliance monitoring, which allows clinicians to monitor use time since the last reset. This is a useful tool for monitoring patient compliance with the recommended treatment plan;
  • The Rehab X2 comes with the Cefar Clinical Guide. This includes detailed information about the most common indications for the unit;
  • Included are guidelines and photos showing suggested electrode positions for several common indications;
  • Hand switch that allows manual adjustment (fine tuning) of the contraction time for intermittent stimulation programs (please note – the hand switch must be purchased separately);
  • Two year warranty that helps to protect your investment.

Included With Your Purchase

  • One Cefar Rehab X2 TENS & NMES unit;
  • Pack of 4 electrodes ;
  • Set of lead wires (2pcs);
  • Two AA batteries;
  • One black Cefar bag ;
  • Cefar neck strap ;
  • User manual



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