The Compex SP8.0 IFC unit boasts cutting edge muscle stimulation features for serious athletes who are determined to get the most out of every workout and then to recover quickly in time for the next training session.


The Compex SP8.0 IFC unit boasts cutting edge muscle electro stimulation features for use by the serious athlete who is determined to get the most out of every workout and to recover quickly in time for the next.

Compex’ electrical muscle stimulators help to simulate the effect of the action potential of your central nervous system to produce simulated muscle contractions. These devices are useful for strength training, preventing or rehabilitating injuries as well as many other therapeutic purposes.

This industry leading IFC unit offers the unique muscle intelligence (MI) technology for which Compex is renowned and includes the following features:

  • MI-Scan : which scans your muscles and automatically configures the unit’s stimulation parameters to your individual physiology;
  • MI-Action: which ensures that you get the most out of every workout session by producing stimulated muscle contractions to increase the benefit you are alrteady receiving from your own voluntary contractions. This ensures that you get even greater benefit from each of your workouts;
  • MI-Tens: helps you to manage pain by adjusting stimulation levels to provide TENS-like optimal pain control;
  • MI-Autorange: a recently added feature that further increases the ability of the included Compex module to automatically determine the most appropriate stimulation level for your needs.

The versatile Compex SP8.0 can operate in several modes to provide the following benefits:

  • Conditioning – for better endurance, greater strength (including explosive strength), improved ability to avoid ankle twist injuries, boost your cross training capability, increase your core stabilization, hypertrophy (muscle building) and more;
  • Recovery/Massage – for quicker recovery from a hard workout with less muscle soreness. It can even simulate a relaxing or reviving massage to boost recovery speed;
  • Pain Management – for TENS like pain management, reduced muscle tension and pain and relief of neck and back pain (including lumbago).  This feature can also help with heavy legs & avoidance of cramp
  • Rehabilitation – Treatment and even reversal of muscle atrophy through prolonged disuse due to injury;
  • Improved Overall Fitness – for more toned thighs, chest & abdomen. This will also help increase shoulders & pectoral muscle development. It also helps improve lymphatic fluid drainage.

Compex SP8.0 – Base Package

The base package for the Compex SP8.0 unit includes:

  1. SP8.0 IFC Unit;
  2. 4 modules;
  3. Loading station;
  4. Charger;
  5. 2 bags of Snap electodes (5 x 10 cm);
  6. 2 bags of Snap electrodes (5 x 5 cm);
  7. 2 bags of Snap electrodes (5 x 10 cm) – 1 attached;
  8. Stiff Transport case;
  9. Remote control protection shell;
  10. USB Wire;
  11. Instruction manual.

Compex SP8.0 Workout Pack

Your Compex SP8.0 IFC is available with an optional workout pack of electrodes. Specific contents of this workout pack are:

  1. 5 bags of 5 x 10 cm 2 Snap electrodes;
  2. 5 bags of 5 x 5 cm Snap electrodes.

For 3 decades, Compex has provided cutting edge portable electrical muscle stimulation for serious athletes the world over. Athletes can rely on their products for improved performance in competition and quicker recovery from training.




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